Top Ten Off-Road Trails

Top Ten Off-Road Trails

Get out! Get off-road! Get ROXOR’ing on some of our country’s best trails and OHV parks. If you are looking for a bucket list of off-the-grid experiences, then peruse some of these locations as options for your next off-road adventure…

1. Moab, Utah

Moab, more like Mo-fab! With trail names like “Poison Spider” and “Hell’s Revenge,” these trails aren’t for the faint of heart. But I guess if you were faint of heart, you wouldn’t own a ROXOR side-by-side now would ya? With torturous rocky climbs, steep ravines and descents of solid rock, we say: enjoy and don’t do anything stupid!

2. The Mojave Road | Arizona and California

This route helped the westward expansion and now it can expand your off-road adventures. Traverse this southwest passage to see the remains of old forts and even some remaining Conestoga wagon tracks. The desert is best in Spring and Fall, avoiding the Summer heat.

3. The Pony Express Trail | St. Joseph, MO to Sacramento, CA

Some history is worth repeating. Especially in a side-by-side unlike any other. Now, not everything on this historic trail is available for off-roading, but much of it remains close to the original route where the mail was carried during the Civil War to and from California. See if you can explore all 153 stations, where riders exchanged horses on their 1900 mile, 10-day journey.

4. The Trans-Am Trail | Across America

This is an epic adventure made for ROXOR. And vice versa. What better way to traverse most of the continental U.S. than in the side-by-side unlike any other? Note this trail is NOT a straight line, hence why it’s called the “Big Banana.” Plan on spending at least 3 to 4 weeks driving the entire distance of 4750 miles, with plenty of fuel and skilled navigators on board. Oh, and plan on having some “Top Banana” bragging rights when you complete it.

5. Alpine Loop Trail | Central Colorado

In a word: breathtaking. Gorgeous and high in elevation, the air gets thin, and sometimes wet, in this 93-mile loop through the Rocky Mountains—especially Engineer Mountain Pass at 13,209 ft. Be sure to check out the Ghost Towns along the trail. Especially, if you’re passing by these old haunts in the side-by-side with no fear.

6. The North Missaukee Trail | Michigan

You won’t be able to see the forest through the trees. But it’ll be a good thing. Enjoy the beauty of this densely wooded trail. Michigan DNR run and maintained, these clearly and excellently marked multiple single-track loops will work over the best of the best woods riders with its black loamy dirt, tight single track runs, through some of the oldest and biggest Norway pine tree runs in the state. Multiple single-track loops ranging from 12 miles to 50, veer off additional miles of 50” max ORV trails that runs east to west through some of the most pristine trail riding anywhere in the USA. This section of trail also sports another famous ride, the Six Days of Michigan Trail Tour.

7. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System | West Virginia

Why not raise a little hell in your rugged ROXOR side-by-side at the Hatfield-McCoy Trails Heaven? With over 700 miles of off-road trails, this West Virginia system offers something for every skill level. And whether you want to Zen-out and catch some peaceful views of Pinnacle Creek, or pack in some thrills on the tight and twisting trails of Bearwallow, there’s plenty of peaceful or devilish options. It is open 365 days of the year and you can bet your beltless ROXOR beast can handle it.

8. The Old Ore OHV Road | Big Bend National Park, Texas

Get lost big time in the beauty of the state that does everything big. This trail will take you about 4.5 to 5 hours to drive 26 miles, but it is some of the most gorgeous country inside the Big Bend National Park. Horses are also able to use this trail, so be respectful of our off-roading equine friends. Tread lightly.

9. The Rubicon Trail | Placerville, California

If you want the toughest, rockiest and gnarliest trail in America, this is it. The perfect place to put your side-by-side to the test. A test ROXOR more than welcomes. However, If you’ve never done it, do not attempt it without an experienced guide along.

10. Any Back Country Discovery

Undeniably epic. Adventure motorcycle and off-road routes in 10 different states including CA, NV, NM, ID, AZ, CO, UT, WA and several regional routes in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. It’s a trail that will captivate and challenge you unlike any other. So, it’s perfect for a ROXOR, the side-by-side unlike any other. But be aware, some connections on these trans-regional trails will require a street-legal vehicle to obtain fuel, lodging and food services, so check with local authorities.